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Little Rachel: News

St. Louis Blues Society Presents: 16 in 16 - February 9, 2017

The new year marked the release of the 3rd annual compilation, "St. Louis Blues Society Presents: 16 in 16", a collection of recordings of 16 original songs composed by 16 different blues artists from the St. Louis area, all produced by Paul Niehaus at Blue Lotus Studio in 2016. This year's compilation features Little Rachel at track number 15. Her tune, "Time Flies in the Friendly Skies" is the first Little Rachel recording to be released since the full length album "When a Blue Note Turns Red Hot" was released by Goofin' Records with the Hogs of Rhythm in 2009. She's still got it! Since moving to St. Louis in 2010, Little Rachel has taken a hiatus from her solo career to work on forming the Loot Rock Gang with her husband, and mostly working at her career at Southwest Airlines. After 3 years of being a Customer Service Agent at the St. Louis airport, she finally achieved her longtime goal of being a flight attendant in May of 2014. This recent recording of "Time Flies in the Friendly Skies" pays tribute to her career in aviation. It is a hard-driving rock n' roller that features her St. Louis band, which includes her husband, Mat Wilson, on electric guitar, Amy Hawkins on piano, Stephen Inman on upright bass, Kevin O'Connor on percussion, and also featuring David Gomez on saxophones, and Paul Niehaus on additional percussion. It is a unique contribution to the well-rounded wealth of St. Louis blues styles represented on this year's compilation. You can hear this recording at and purchase the compilation at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis or online at the the St. Louis Blues Society site  photo 958D957B-1BDC-4F63-9C39-EBD41FE62B01_zpswfw8mnqe.jpg


 photo 5B04868B-62F7-4EB4-8ACC-9DF8357A9933_zpsho7gwixy.jpg
Read our full newsletter announcement of Pokey LaFarge’s Central Time Tour, or else read on for the text only version.

We’re thrilled to share some very special news with you today:

Pokey LaFarge’s Central Time Tour -a self-contained, traveling festival of American music – will be cutting a trail through the Midwest and Upper South, USA this September 10-24!

It’s not just your average show, folks; The Central Time Tour is an evening revue of various American musical styles. Special guest and master of ceremoniesDom Flemons (founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops) guides an evening of performances by Pokey LaFarge and his band, Joel Savoy, Jesse Lége and the Cajun Country Revival, The Tillers and The Loot Rock Gang. This diverse lineup presents styles ranging from string ragtime to country blues to Appalachian folk to Cajun dancehall music and beyond!

“I’ve always been inspired by the revue tours of the mid-twentieth century. These tours sent a caravan of musicians, often from the same record label, to towns across America-big and small-for an evening of music and dancing. My vision for the Central Time Tour rests on this tradition, but presents a wider variety of music, a really well-rounded night of entertainment. I hope it will bring a stronger awareness to the original music of the Midwest, which I believe is often overlooked or under-appreciated. I chose four incredible bands to travel with us-bands that are a bit more underground, write original music, and perhaps our audiences have not yet heard of or seen live. With the Central Time Tour, I want to broaden the appreciation of what it is that makes the Midwest a special place. I want to turn people on to quality music they wouldn’t likely hear on the radio. I want to celebrate our diverse American traditions, and above all, give the good people of the Midwest no choice but to dance, sing and put their minds at ease when the Central Time Tour comes to town.”

~Pokey LaFarge

Tickets for the Central Time Tour will be on sale soon! Please check directly with venues for more information on ticketing.

September 10 || Tulsa, OK || Cain’s Ballroom

September 11 || Kansas City, MO || Knuckleheads

September 12 || St. Louis, MO || Old Rock House

September 13 || Nashville, TN || Mercy Lounge

September 15 || Charleston, IL || Douda Fine Arts Center

September 16 || Middletown, OH || Finkelman Auditorium

September 17 || Louisville, KY || Headliners Music Hall

September 18 || Bloomington, IL || The Castle Theatre

September 19 || Chicago, IL || Old Town School of Folk Music

September 20 || Stoughton, WI || Stoughton Opera House

September 21 || Minneapolis, MN || Cedar Cultural Center

September 23 || Iowa City, IA || Englert Theatre

September 24 || Columbia, MO || The Blue Note

Little Rachel Got Hitched! - January 4, 2014

On January 4th, 2014, Little Rachel broke some hearts, and gave her hand in marriage to her guitarist and soulmate, Mat Wilson. In addition to Mat playing electric guitar in Little Rachel's regular band, he is also the singer, songwriter, and resonator guitarist for Rachel's other band, "The Loot Rock Gang". You can see why they are a match made in Heaven, when you catch them at the next "Little Rachel" or "Loot Rock Gang" show!

Loot Rock Gang Bio:
"The Loot Rock Gang" was formed in 2012 by husband and wife vocal duo Mat and Rachel Wilson, once Rachel settled in to Saint Louis, after a career of traveling with the female Rockabilly duo "The Casey Sisters", and as the Rhythm and Blues vocal powerhouse known as "Little Rachel". As the vocalist and guitarist for the successful acoustic blues trio, "The Rum Drum Ramblers", Mat found the need for an additional project, when the other two Ramblers began touring extensively with Pokey LaFarge. To back the duo with a tight, solid rhythm, they looked to Stephen Inman, who played bass with Mat in his earlier punk band, "Nineteen", and had made an impressive switch to acoustic upright bass. The icing on the cake came when Kellie Everett (multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in bands like the "Southwest Watson Sweethearts" and "Sidney Street Shakers") was added to the band, with her melodic baritone saxophone, to compliment Stephen's driving rhythm, the intricacies provided by Mat's unique songwriting and stellar resonator guitar work, and the strong, soulful vocals of the fronting duo of Mat and Rachel. Kellie also brings along her beau- "Southwest Watson Sweethearts" partner, and fellow Rum Drum Rambler- Ryan Koenig, to play percussion and occasional harmonica, when he is not on the road with Pokey LaFarge, or performing as country crooner "Lonesome Cowboy Ryan". "The Loot Rock Gang" gathers their diverse set of influences, and the most traditional elements of blues, country, jazz, and rock n' roll, in such a striking, unexpected way, that it takes a form palatable to modern listeners, as well as traditionalists. Whether you are swinging along, and tapping your toes to an infectious rhythm, or being drawn in by the emotional power of a strong, blues ballad, you will be part of the chemistry that makes "The Loot Rock Gang" a refreshingly remarkable listening experience for all.

Dia de Nick - October 24, 2012

On November 10th, 2012, Little Rachel will be attending a memorial celebration of the life of one of the greatest rock n' rollers we have ever known. Sadly, on October 6th, Nick Curran lost his 3 year battle with oral cancer at the age of 35. Instead of a funeral, he requested a celebration of life. "Dia de Nick" will take place at 7:00pm at the Beauty Ballroom, 2015 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741 USA.

Little Rachel had the honor of spending quite a bit of time with Nick when she was living in Austin. She credits Nick as her primary influence in starting her solo rhythm and blues career, after she heard "Fixin' Your Head". Her song "Ooh, He's Fine" from her 2005 release "'Cause I Feel Good" was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Nick Curran, inspired by a conversation in a tour van, where she observed, "Every girl wants him, and all the guys want to be him."

Little Rachel was deeply affected by the loss of Nick Curran, and urges anyone who was touched by him- musically, or personally- to join her in celebrating his life at "Dia de Nick".


Back in the Saddle - September 7, 2011

Well folks, it seems like an eternity since I had my last show. Since relocating to Saint Louis last year, my daytime employment has caused me to significantly reduce my music schedule. The good news is, I started a new job as a customer service agent with Southwest Airlines. Working for an airline will prove to be more flexible with my music schedule, and allow me to travel for free! That means you will likely be seeing more of me in the near future. I am finally ready to start booking more shows, so contact me if you have any events coming up. I hope to see you soon!


In November 2010, Little Rachel relocated from her hometown of Kansas City, MO to Saint Louis, MO. She has taken a full time job, and is not permitted to travel for the first 6 months of employment. She is currently only booking local shows in Saint Louis until May.

In Fall of 2009, Little performed at Beale on Broadway in Saint Louis with a Saint Louis backing band. At this time, she met her guitarist for the show for the first time- Mat Wilson, singer/guitarist of the Saint Louis blues band, the Rum Drum Ramblers. Several months went by before their paths crossed again.

In Aptil 2010, Little Rachel played a show with the Rum Drum Ramblers in Lawrence, KS. The next day, the Ramblers were scheduled to play in Kansas City, but Little Rachel was to leave for Finland for a show in Helsinki. Fate stepped in, and volcanic ash in Iceland prohibited her from going on her trip. Instead, she spent the day with Mat and the Ramblers.

To make a long story short, they fell in love, planned a small Summer tour together, and began working on a duo project. In November, Little Rachel moved in with Mat, and they are living happily ever after!

The couple has recorded some tracks for their duo project at the home studio of Felix Reyes in Chicago. Watch for that future release, and expect to see them together on tour soon!


New Project! New Recordings! - July 24, 2010

Little Rachel has been collaborating with Mat Wilson of St. Louis's Rum Drum Ramblers ( The new duo has been in the studio of Feliz Reyes in Chicago, and expect to release the new songs in the Fall. In the meantime, they recently appeared on two radio shows and an internet TV program. You can listen to what they have been working on here:

The Razor and Die Show, Chicago-
11 O'Clock Rock, Knoxville-
The Blue Plate Special, Knoxville-

Little Rachel is Back in the Studio - February 8, 2010

Little Rachel is putting the finishing touches on 3 songs recorded at Chubby Smith's House of Sight and Sound Recording Studios in Perry, KS.

Little Rachel's original song "Hey, Big Bear!" is an alternative take on her song "Hey, Big Boy!" from her "There's a New Miss Rhythm in Town" record. The new lyrics were written especially for the Bear Family Records 35th Anniversary compilation that will be released this year. ( ) The other 2 songs will be released on an upcoming EP featuring Little Rachel with the Rhythm Busters.

The Rhythm Busters are from Lawrence, KS, and provide backing support for Little Rachel when she is performing at home in the Kansas City area. They also play their own mix of Honky-Tonk, Country Jazz, Rockabilly, and the Territory music associated with the 30's and 40's. In addition to the EP with Little Rachel, the Rhythm Busters will be working on their own LP in the coming year. ( )

Keep your ears open for these upcoming releases by Little Rachel and the Rhythm Busters!

Little Rachel and the Hogs of Rhythm on CD Baby and in BSN! - June 23, 2009

The the new CD by Little Rachel and the Hogs of Rhythm, "When a Blue Note Turns Red Hot", is now available on CD Baby!


ALSO, now available on CD Baby- "Supermurgitroid!", the mini CD by Dr. Snout & his Hogs of Rhythm!

DR. SNOUT & HIS HOGS OF RHYTHM: Supermurgitroid!

ALSO, Little Rachel is featured in the new Summer issue of "Blue Suede News". Get your copy, and read the interview!

Official Press Release for "When a Blue Note Turns Red Hot" - May 11, 2009

"When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot", the new CD by Little Rachel and the Hogs of Rhythm, will be available on CD Baby in June. Here are some other links where you can get your copy:

BIM-BAM Records (UK)-
RECORD SHOP X (Scandinavia)-

This is the official press release:

“It is hard to get any better...The performances – to the bone - have a good, flirty feeling, but when needed, are also cool or even highly dramatic..."
Pete Hoppula, Blues News Magazine

The appropriately titled record "When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot", is a mixture of great, classic music styles- from old school Rhythm and Blues or black Rock and Roll, to a touch of Stax Soul plus Sam Cooke, or even a jazzy Bossa Nova. This is Little Rachel's third solo record, and the first one with the Hogs of Rhythm. Little Rachel performed with Timo Tarkela and Harri Saanio of the Hogs at the Green Bay Rockin 50's Fest in 2005. Soon afterwards, she went to Finland to borrow the entire band from their regular singer, Dr. Snout (Ari Ahvonen) for several performances. It was a magical combination from the start, and recording an album together became a priority. The record was recorded in August of 2008 in Helsinki, Finland, and released on the Goofin' Records label in May of 2009. It was produced and mixed by Jyrki Häyrinen- the man behind the Barnshakers' sound. It includes Lester Peabody on lead guitar, the powerful sax section of Juho Hurskainen and Timo Tarkela, and also the vocal group, The Relics, on two of the tracks.

The Hogs of Rhythm are virtuosos of old style music- able to play everything from rock n' roll, to blues, to jazz. They have a true skill and knowledge for how old style, rockin' rhythm and blues should be played, and they make a powerful union with the versatile, soulful, rockin' rhythm of the Little Rachel style. She is little, but she is loud. She sparkles and shines, and her soulful, sexy, sassiness is complimented by the excitement of the hard-driving, dirty swing that only the Hogs of Rhythm can provide. There is something for everyone who loves music on this record. Once you hear the sensational, soulful rhythm and blues of Kansas City and Helsinki's finest, together- Little Rachel and the Hogs of Rhythm- you will know just what happens "When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot".

Heather Breshears Photo Shoot - February 28, 2009

On February 14, 2009, Heather Breshears took the photos for the cover of the upcoming Little Rachel CD, "When A Blue Note Turns Red Hot". If you are interested in seeing them, there are a few of these images on the Little Rachel website- but most of these photos are posted at

Little Rachel Has Big News! - January 24, 2009

Here is the latest newsletter I sent out. Feel free to pass it on!

Hello, friends!

We are already a month in to the New Year, we have a new US president, and- to keep up with the "new" news- Little Rachel has new things in store for 2009! Change is in the air, and it is inspiring me to get the ball rolling on my resolution to play more shows, go more places, meet more people, and basically spread the Little Rachel rock n' roll fever more than ever before! In a span of about two and a half months, I managed to make it to Italy, Finland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Austria, and Austin. Since then, I decided to take a short breather to regroup and make plans for the new year- and now I am ready to hit the road and do even more. Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to start warming things up again! Let's start with a newsletter:

The biggest Little Rachel news for 2009 is that I am releasing a new record this Spring. This will be my third solo release, and it is shaping up to be the best yet! It was recorded in Finland with a Finnish rhythm and blues band called the "Hogs of Rhythm" (featuring "Lester Peabody", other members of the of "The Barnshakers" and "Whistle Bait", and the vocal group "The Relics"). I am very excited to announce that this new record will be released on the Goofin' Records label. With an impressive roster featuring artists like "Dr. Snout and His Hogs of Rhythm", "The Barnshakers", "Whistle Bait", "Lester Peabody", "Marti Brom", "High Noon", "The Go-Getters", "Ray Collins Hot Club", "Sean Mencher", "Shaun Young", "The Ranch Girls", "The Ragtime Wranglers", "Li'l Esther", "Narvel Felts", "Carlos and the Bandidos", "The Rockin' 8 Balls", "Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers" (the list goes on and on), etc.- Goofin' has been a beacon of quality music in the rockin' scene for years, and I am honored to be represented by such a reputable label. I am also honored to have the "Hogs of Rhythm" as my band on the record. If you are not familiar with them, you should be. They are virtuosos of old style music- able to play everything from rock n' roll, to blues, to jazz (they could have even played country, if I asked them to, but I didn't... this time). They have a true skill and knowledge for how old style, rockin' rhythm and blues should be played, and so they make a magical union with the diverse, soulful, rockin' rhythm of the Little Rachel style. We are thrilled with the results, and we think you will be too! Watch for that release sometime between March and May.

In addition to a new record, the website has a brand new look. For reliable information about your favorite little R&B singin' gal, you can still visit to hear the sounds, get the latest news, and find out when I am playing a show near you. Though it has a sleeker look, the site is still not overly fancy. However, it does serve its purpose- and I will try to keep the photos of me and my flambouyant wardrobe updated, so the site will be as visually stimulating as possible. If you prefer, you can also still visit me on MySpace at
Locally, I am working on some new material and upcoming shows with "The Rhythm Busters", out of Lawrence. We hope to be very active in the Kansas City area in the coming year, while I am in town. I should also mention that I am in a new band. I have joined forces with the Honeybees and Miss Sophia Wolff to form a 4-part soulful girl group, a la "The Ikettes"... but a little more blue-eyed. We are called "The She Demons", and you can visit us on MySpace at to see our live videos of our debut performance at Viva Las Vegas this past Spring (featuring Caroline Casey, before Sophia Wolff was added to the group). We are just starting out, but once we get things going full speed, we promise to be a force to be reckoned with. Four hot girls. Four fantastic voices. Need I say more? If that isn't enough, just remember that, in addition to promoting myself and the new Little Rachel record, and introducing the She Demons to the world, I am also still here for my rockabilly fans. The Casey Sisters are still available for shows in the coming year as well. In fact, Caroline Casey also has a brand new record out on El Toro records with her honky-tonk band, "Caroline Casey & the Stringlingers". Be sure to check that out, and expect to see more of her in the coming year as well. If you want a little bit country, and a little bit rock n' roll, who needs the Osmonds? Book the Casey Sisters!

As always, in any capacity, I am willing to travel to all ends of the earth to entertain you (and entertain myself in the process). The important thing is seeing your smiling faces, and sharing good times and great music. That being said, I would love to hear from you, especially if you have an event coming up- no matter how big or small. As I said, it was my resolution this year to play as many shows as possible, so it is likely I will be near your town sooner than you think! If I left anyone out, please spread this news to your friends and neighbors. Little Rachel has big plans, and I want all of you to be a part of them! So, please stay in touch.

I hope you and yours are having a great year so far, and will have an even better one ahead.
Until next time,

Little Rachel US mobile phone: +001 816 809 0917

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the Kansas City area, you can see me perform live the 12th of February at Aftershock (formerly Marty's Blues Cafe) in Merriam with "The Rhythm Busters". This will kick off the start of weekly "Rockabilly Thursdays" at Aftershock. For more details, visit my website.

Finland - July 5, 2007

I am home again. The party is finally over. I had such a magnificent time! I played 5 shows in 12 days, which gave me plenty of time to enjoy some leisure time in Finland. All of the shows were very well attended. The audiences were very receptive, and in some cases, quite wild about Litte Rachel with the Hogs of Rhythm. The Hogs of Rhythm are the best modern R&B band I have heard. There isn't a weak link amongst them. They are all skilled, talented musicians, and even better- they enjoy what they are doing. They are pleasant company and perfect for my sound. Working with them was one of the best, most rewarding, musical experiences I have had. Since the shows were such a success, it looks as if I will have the opportunity to return to Finland and work with them some more. I feel as if they enjoy playing with me as much as I enjoy playing with them. When the band is enjoying themselves, the audiences enjoy themselves. It was a match made in heaven, and I am looking forward to working with the Hogs again as soon as possible. We have been discussing plans for future shows in Finland, Europe, the U.S. and possibly making a record together. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

I want to thank the people of Finland for making me feel so welcome- especially the band. I had one of the greatest times of my life!

IT'S HERE!!! - December 6, 2006

That's right- It's finally here! The new Little Rachel CD from El Toro records, titled "There's A New Miss Rhythm In Town", is scheduled for release in the U.S. on January 30th. It will be available on the El Toro Records website ( ) and at your finer vintage music retailers.

IT'S STILL COMING... - October 17, 2006

I know, you're still patiently waitng for the new CD. The best things come to those who wait. El Toro is putting this one out, so I really have no control on the release date. Sorry! I know that the artist is still finishing up the cover art, and "There's A New Miss Rhythm In Town" is tentatively scheduled for release in November.

Meanwhile, I will be paying a visit to some of our Midwestern friends. Aside from playing a few shows in my hometown, Kansas City, I rarely play any U.S. dates. That is why it is such a special treat for me to be hitting the road for a weekend with my good friends, the Two Timin' Three from Austin, TX. We will be sharing the stage in Chicago and Saint Louis. Check the calendar for details. This is going to be a blast!

Unfortunately, I won't have my CD available for the upcoming shows with the Two Timin' Three. However, I do plan to do some more extensive promotional touring this Summer. So far, I have already scheduled several dates in June with Dr. Snout and His Hogs of Rhythm in Finland. I am also working on a few dates in Spain, where I will will rejoin with the Lazy Jumpers for some shows and another recording session.

For those of you wondering about the Casey Sisters, there are no concrete plans, as of yet. There has been much talk of a possible recording. Depending on what Caroline has planned with her solo career, we may join in Europe for some recording. I'll keep you posted.

That's all for now!

IT'S COMING... - May 28, 2006

The new CD on El Toro Records, titled "There's A New Miss Rhythm In Town", is finally mixed and mastered. Once I take the photos for the cover, and it goes to be pressed, it's realease will be underway. Look forward to hearing the same great 50's style R&B and Rock N' Roll, in addition to some more 40's style jazzy numbers and 60's Soul-tinged numbers. It's 14 all original songs backed by Spain's "Lazy Jumpers". Watch for it soon...


Several clips of Little Rachel's performance at Spain's 2005 "Screamin' Festival" are featured in a video montage promoting the event. Check out one of the funnest 50's music events events in the world!

My Trip to Europe - January 3, 2006

Okay, so I had to cancel 7 out of 13 shows in Europe, due to transportation/budget issues. I think things happen for a reason. The shows I did play went great, and the week I spent in Barcelona was the week of the Barcelona Hayride, so I got the chance to see some really great bands including my friends Eddie Clendening (Denver) and Ruby Ann (Portugal). A good time was had by all.

Even better, I had a week to rest and rehearse the new songs for the second Little Rachel CD. It will be released on El Toro Records sometime this Spring. I think the extra rehearsal paid off, because there is a more solid groove with the band on this CD than on the last, because I have rehearsed and played live with the Lazy Jumpers numerous times (Of course I have- they are fabulous!)This CD is going to be killer! I can't wait...

Thanks to all my backing bands on this trip- the Hogs of Rhythm (Finland), the Rhythm Riot Kings of Rhythm (U.K.), and the Lazy Jumpers (Spain). You made the shows a success. And also, thanks to all the promoters and the people who came to the shows for making my rock star dream a reality! See you next time.


I am disappointed to announce that 7 of the shows in the European tour had to be cancelled, due to transportation difficulties. For more information on which shows were cancelled, please check the calendar.

Little Rachel backs Shirley Gunter - October 31, 2005

In addition to playing my own set at the Rhythm Riot! festival in Camber, UK- I was asked to sing backing vocals for the "Original Oop- Shoop Girl", Shirley Gunter. She is best known for her 1950's hits with her group the "Teen Queens". And if it was not exciting enough to have the honor of being a "Teen Queen", the other "Queen" will be Miss Mary Ann. If you are not familiar with Miss Mary Ann as a solo act, I am sure you are familiar with her from the "Ranch Girls", a female duo that was one of my influences in my own rockabilly duo the "Casey Sisters". It should be a blast!

Little Rachel Feature - September 28, 2005

The 3rd issue of the fabulous online fanzine "Jumpin' From 6 to 6" is out! Little Rachel is one of the featured artists interviewed for this month's issue. Check it out here:
This is the first feature of several to come in the next couple of months. Also look for Little Rachel in "Blue Suede News", "U.K. Rock!", "Blues News", and "Big Beat" in October and November.

Hollywood Rockabilly Showdown 6 - September 6, 2005

Thanks to everyone that made Hollywood Showdown 6 a great success! It was so nice to see old friends and play in one of Hollywood's best venues. See you next time!

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